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Sustainability is a key priority at Calabash Bay Lodge. Our location within Environmental Protection E (River Settlements) of Hornsby Shire Council, provides some unique challenges and restrictions. We work actively to reduce the Lodge’s consumption of water waste & energy and encourage our guests to do the same. To formalize our efforts, in April 2014, we applied for national certification as an Eco-Lodge with Eco Tourism Australia, which will also make us a certified Climate Action Business. We are currently working through the accreditation process, which will be completed by April 2015.

Saving & Monitoring Water 

Our water supply comes from a rainwater-fed tank system with filtration system and pump fitted. This is supported by a back up mains supply, via a community managed private pipeline, into the property’s tank. This is an efficient system, however one that makes it very difficult to measure our actual water usage and compare to the previous period as water bills can only be calculated on an estimation of use plus a fixed service cost is charged.

Saving & Monitoring Energy Usage

Reducing our energy consumption is not only good for our carbon footprint, but also for our bottom line. We purchase Greenpower from Energy Australia  at a rate of 50%. While this product doesn’t offer power from actual renewable sources to use directly at the Lodge, it goes back into the overall purchase of wind and water sourced power generation options. Energy reduction has also been achieved through installation of new electrical fittings, with room sensors and timers and all lights will be energy efficient LED. Materials have been carefully selected for these works, with choices made including stone composite bath tubs which retain heat in water longer, reducing both heating & water costs. Solar Hot Water is being scoped as part of Stage 2 upgrade works.

Reducing Waste 

Managing our waste is a consideration, not only during our guests stays, but through all levels our supply chain. We prioritise local businesses and Australian companies with strong green credentials in our service delivery.

Creating Sustainable Communities

Guests staying at Calabash Bay Lodge can have the confidence in knowing that when they make an investment in a stay at our property, at least one third of that directly goes into the river economy. Every single one of our key contractors – guest relations, transfers and housekeeping – is based in the water-access only community of Berowra Waters. As a small community, you can’t always find service providers with the immediate area. We support the economy of the surrounding area with as many services as possible coming from within a 50 kilometre radius of Calabash Bay. Our spa and massage service is sourced from the Hills District and Upper North Shore and other private chefs we work with travel less than an hour to cook for guests at Calabash Bay Lodge. It is a unique thing indeed to be so blessed with qualified, passionate and experienced people in a local resource pool, and is also one of the reasons why our accommodation is so unique.