Glam Girls Escape - Calabash Bay Lodge
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April 3rd, 2014

Ladies, gather your girlfriends together to celebrate in the luxury of Calabash Bay Lodge. Whether you’re spoiling a hen with an elegant escape, celebrating a special birthday, or just getting the girls together for a fun weekend away, Calabash Bay Lodge is the perfect venue for glam girls to relax and indulge in style.

With our Glam Girls Escape, our experienced Sommelier Jo will guide you through a selection of eight wines during a truly memorable afternoon.

You’ll have the opportunity to sample sparkling, red, white and dessert wines in beautiful specialised glassware, be shown how to get the most enjoyment out of each style of wine, and learn about wine history and the evolution of wine etiquette and tradition. Jo will also teach you tips for choosing, serving and tasting wines, and best of all it will all happen in an environment as far removed from a classroom as you can imagine! Naturally, you also get to keep all the wines opened to enjoy during your stay.